… and the jumper

A few snaps of my first jumper.  I love this grey, I have knitted some lovely leg warmers in this colour as well.


031     032



A very long time…

Hello there!

Apologies for the long gap between posts. In truth I’ve not knitted very much lately, it has been an epic journey to finish a few pieces so I guess this will be a round up blog entry.

In April I designed my first pattern, a gift for a friend – a simple passport holder. I was really pleased with how it turned out, I’ll try and update with photos as soon as I can.

I was also continuing to make Peppa pig from an online pattern someone told me about during a work course!  I’ve put this on hold as I severely lack the motivation to continue. Perhaps I will puck it up again soon.

I made a simple basketweave bookmark for a friend’s birthday in April as well. Not sure if that one is on ravelry (can’t log in at the moment).

Finally, I made my first jumper following the Moloko pattern in Let’s knit magazine. Really easy to follow and quick to knit if you don’t wait two months to buy a new ball of wool so you can finish it.

I’m currently making a few baby knits for a work colleague then I plan on tackling one if the gorgeous blankets in Debbie Abrahams book ‘Blankets and Throws to Knit’.

Hope your projects are going well!

Group Knits

Here are three completed pieces for the group knits project I have been talking about.

The hat is a stripy version of Frederica Patmore’s baby’s first hat pattern from the Knitting Book.

The bootees are based on a pattern called Saartje’s Bootees by Saartje de Bruijn (and possibly the cutest thing ever knitted). I used a larger needle size and could have done with increasing the strap size so had to adapt.

There’s also a square bear which features in Jane Bull’s book Knit it., Stitch it.

An update to Group Knits

I posted a while ago about the Group Knits dilemma and pondering different ideas of items we could make.

Last night the reduced in numbers knit club met to begin our projects.  We’ve decided on a simple squares and rectangles bear (with hat and scarf) plus some bootees a newborn hat and a cardigan.

So far I’ve made the bootees and a striped version of the hat which I’m pleased with.  Last night we began the bear and have finished one arm, part of the body along with half of his scarf.  It was really nice to have a knit and natter night again at the house.  Plus the knitters are getting really good and had no problems casting on or off and have learned to purl!  (That’s my knitting pdr target for everyone this project!!)

I keep on saying I will post pictures and I promise I will do so this weekend.  I’m on pause with the cardigan as the Knitting Book has sadly failed spectacularly this time and the pattern for the cardie is horribly wrong.  Hopefully I will have the pdf update soon so I can fix/start all over again!

Happy knitting peeps 🙂

Finally feeling in the mood…

… to knit something.  After a tough and late-night filled working week inspiration finally hit last night in the form of some green wool I spied in my nan’s knitting basket.

For those who don’t know me well, my nan was the person who taught me how to knit. Sadly she passed away last year and her knitting basket found it’s way to my house complete with mis-matched needles, brightly coloured wool and one work in progress.

So I spied this lovely wool and remembered a pattern in a book called Vintage Knitting I fancied having a go at.  Its a vintage style lace collar, quite “on trend” at the moment and hopefully perfect for wearing over a pretty dress.

So I grabbed the book and some needles, settled in with my Avengers blu-ray box set and started click-clicking.  I was really looking forward to coming home tonight and starting the next part!

Group Knits

Last year my co-workers and I knitted a baby blanket for someone in the office. It was really good fun for us all, experienced and novice knitters joining together and creating something unique.

Now one of our knitting group is pregnant and we’re all eager to knit something again.  We’ve agreed that we should not knit another blanket to differentiate it from the first baby knitting project.  As one of the most experienced knitters in the group its sort of fallen to me to decide what we will make next and I have to admit I’m finding it hard.  So I thought I would turn the question over to you, fellow knitting bloggers and readers.

Most seem keen on making a few small items and so far a popular choice is a knitted bear (from a children’s craft book, it is a series of long rectangles) complete with hat and scarf.  It meets the desired criteria for the project(s) i.e. it must be simple and quick to knit.

If you have time, please share your tales and suggestions with me!  Have you been part of a group knit project?  What’s your favourite teeny-person knit project and do you think it would be suitable for a beginner?