More blanket

Here is a new square…

Coming along so slowly!




Quick picture of my in progress blanket. It’s a bit dark so one of the colours looks black when  it should be purple and you can’t see the patterning but oh well! It’s a start!

Blanket square 3

Here’s square number three for my baby blanket.

I used this yarn originally to knit a scarf for my mum many years ago. I knit a lot of the scarf while a family member was in hospital. I have a few mixed feelings about using this but it is nice. The colour suits the squares made so far and with the ones I have left. The circle pattern is quite effective.


Some 2015 pieces

Hello there!

Here’s a few pictures of some things I have been working on so far this year.

I’ve not knitted anywhere near as much as I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of Zentangle and coupled with a bit of recurring eye strain I haven’t done as much as last year.  I have done more than this but can’t find photos at the moment!

I’ve got two WIP blankets.  One for me and the other a baby blanket for a friend…

Here’s hoping I get it finished before November!

An update of sorts

Hello there.

A quick knitting update as it has been a fairly long time since my last post.

I have actually been knitting! But I’ve not been writing about it.  Just going to pop a few pictures of things I’ve made in last year or so.  First up here’s a few snaps of a baby blanket I made last year.  It was for an all in one baby blanket for a friend.  I’m happy with the way it turned out and thankfully sewing in the ends wasn’t too bad.

There’s a pair of recovery slippers I made to help me post op.  A bright pink purse I made for my mum for Christmas (I made a second one this year for a friend at work), a grey purse for which I made my first ever hand sewn lining!

There’s a couple of pairs of handwarmers and a cardigan for which I can’t seem to find a finished picture of.

Looking through all the lovely knitting blogs has made me feel a guilty for not posting.  I shall try to update more often without bombarding you all!

Summer update

Well I’ve managed to get back into knitting a few pieces over the last few weeks.
I’ve finished a plain baby hat and socks for a work colleague.  Also started a lovely scarf for my husband. Its the first ‘big’ thing I’ve knitted for him but pleased so far.  The wool is super soft and really nice to knit with.  Had a minor scare last night when I twisted my cable and had to take the whole thing off needle *shudder*

Thankfully it is back on needle now and looking grand.

IMG_0260 IMG_0267